What is the ‘Game’-Module offering?


With the ‘game’-module you can attach and adapt all relevant data referring to the game data, the scores and the guest players within one season. Easy2coach offers you the possibility to not only attach your own team’s data, but the data of opponents.

Additionally, you can attach your team’s tactics and formation as well as the tactics and formation of your opponents. In order to improve the overview, your opposing teams will be displayed in different categories, such as ‘Point Game Opponents’, ‘Cup Game Opponents’ and ‘Test Game Opponents’. Never the less you can categorize the opponent teams in multiple categories.

Furthermore, several more features are accessible with easy2coach. This includes inter alia the automatic creation of statistics, which you can use to plan your ideal season.

Where can I find the ‘Game’-Module?


You can reach the ‘Game’-Section by:

  • Click the upper navigation bar at ‘Team and exercises’-button
  • Click the left navigation bar at ‘Games’

Which kind of information is the overview offering me?


After clicking the ‘Games’-Button on the left navigation bar, you can now see the Link-Overview in the opening window. The section ‘Overview’ will open as soon as you have clicked ‘Overview’ on the right side and will show you the following information (2):

  • In the overview, you can see the scale matches of this season in a tabular view. The green background columns refer to the championship game, the red back grounded columns for cup games and the shaded columns for test matches.
  •  Adjust the displayed games by choosing between all games, league games, cup games and friendly matches.
  • You have the option to print the list or to delete a day. By clicking on "delete" all of the game data of the game will be deleted. Please note that the Round will be deleted without further confirmation.

What kind of game statistics do exist?


Under the link “Statistics” You can find an overview of all season games. You can use the statistics by using various filters to refine your statistics. It is possible to see the development of your players’ performance by restricting the statistics on the last few weeks. The game statistics is also divided into the rider input statistics, goal statistics and records in order to present as much information as clearly as possible.

Is there a detailed application statistics?


In the ‚application statistic‘ you can see a compact overview of the number of games each player has completed, the Substitutions, the goals and assists which cards the player has seen, and his average form.

  • Use the upper filter, to view the statistics of each competition separately.
  • Use the lower filter to restrict the statistics values ​​to a specific period.
  • Use. Checkbox to view the entire season.

Is a goal statistic created?


In the slide ‘goal statistics’ (1) you can see a detailed overview of the development of the goals.

  • Use the top filter (2), to view the statistics of each competition separately.
  • In the first three columns the goal allocation/ minute of play and formation types are displayed as well as divided into total, Home and Away Goals
  • In the upper bar chart you can see the time when the Goals were scored. Own hits are colored blue, while conceding goals are colored in red. The numbers of goals are shown on the left.
  • In the pie charts below you will find an overview of the emergence of the goal types. The goal types are represented by different colors. In addition to the Declaration you can see the percentage rate.
  •  In the bottom three columns you can see goal developments of the season. Own hits are colored blue, while conceding goals are colored in red. For more information how to enter goals, click here.

User tip: You have the ability to capture in different goal types with easy2coach. To learn how you can add your own goal types in Easy2Coach, click here.

Which game records will be listed?


On the slide "records (game records)" a variety of game records is presented. You can find team records as well as individual player records. With this function you can see at a glance, against which you had your highest win or had suffered your heaviest defeat. Similarly, you see who is top scorer, had the best Joker or the highest average in the form of games. In addition, there are many more records which can be listed.

How can I create a new league, cup or friendly match?


  • On the left navigation bar, select "New Game", this can be clearly seen by the plus symbol.
  • Make your choice, depending on whether you want to create a league, cup or friendly game.
  • Enter the day number (only relevant for league games).
  • Choose opponent, or create a new one.
  • Select the date and kick-off time , on which the game takes place.
  • Choose between home and guest.
  • Click "Add another game", if you want to create multiple games.
  • Confirm the "Create Game" entry by clicking on the button ‘create game’.

Where can I find myself created player in the program?


Have you created games in easy2coach then they will appear immediately in the day overview and in the left navigation bar under the relevant heading. If you are looking for already created games, first click on league, cup or friendly match. Choose between Home and guest performances to display the desired games.

How do I delete a created game?


To delete a game, you have 2 options:

Option I:

  • Select ‘Games‘from the left navigation bar.
  • Click overview.
  • The tabular view, all matches are displayed. In the last column you will find a link called "Delete".
  • Delete the game of your choice here.
  • Confirm the deletion in the window that opens, with "Yes".

Option II

  • Select ‘Games’ from the left navigation bar.
  • Click on the game that you want to delete
  • On the right you see the comment function to the "Delete" button.
  • Confirm the deletion in the window that opens with "Yes".

How do I edit league, cup and friendly matches?


To transfer data, such the play date, statements or other game data, simply click in the left navigation bar of the game you want from the sub-regions league, cup and test. The game data that you want to edit will open up in the right side of your screen.

How do I enter game data and how do I edit them?


To edit already created games, proceed as follows:

  • Click on the left navigation to ‘games’.
  • Select the game you want (league, cup and test) and click on it.
  •  On the right side you will find the tab "day", "Lineup", "Placement of opponents", "Placement table", "Tactics", and "The Game" where you can change all the settings and confirm by clicking on "Save".

How do I enter results and goals?


To record the results in games and goal order, proceed as follows:

  • From the left navigation bar, select a game.
  • You will now see on the right the first opened tab (Cup and Test match are provided with the number "0") named as the game you have chosen.
  • Under the "Game data", you can see the "Result".
  • Now enter the final score and the half-time one.
  • When you now click on the ‘register goal’-button, a input field will open up.
  • Choose from the list that now minute, scorer as well as goal type shown.
  •  If it is the goal is an own goal, put a tick in the check box under "own goal".
  • To register another goal repeat the process.
  • Save the goals by clicking on "Save".

If you want to specify a goal for an opposing player, you must create this opponent beforehand. How you can do this, see here.

Note: With the module "games" you can only enter results for games of your team. If you want to enter the results of your league rivals, then click here to see how it works.

How can I write general comments about a game?


With easy2coach you can easily comment on recent or upcoming games in the detailed overview. You can see the comments by clicking on a day in the left menu on the right side at the bottom.

Note: In the administrative rights, you can also specify whether the comment to all user groups (including players) displayed or if this field may only your fellow coaches to be displayed.

How will the message board support planning my day?


Apart from the comment box, which is available only to authorized users groups, you can see the message board. Here you can, as well as all the other team members, write messages that are for all, and on request also for the fans, visible.

  • For a new message, please click "Add Comment to message board", and enter your message in the text box.
  • Put a checkmark in "for fans visible" so that fans can read your message.
  • Clicks ‘publish’ to "send" your message.
  • To delete, simply click the ‚delete‘-button.

To make the wall visible to fans (read mode), select the check box "is visible to fans," right at the top.

Is the formation visible to all team members?


You can set individually for each game, which user groups will have access to your formation. To do this, select the game you want to adapt. In the first tab with the general game data you will find two check boxes. By the setting or leaving out the tick in the box, you can decide whether other coaches, player or club managers will have access to your game formation. Users with the role of a "fan" basically have no insight on the list (except the corresponding checkbox for fans activate the tab "Installation").

How can I create the formation for my team?


To create the formation for a game with easy2coach Interactive, you can simply use the players list, which you can find under the tab ‚players’.

  • Select the game on the left side.
  • Go up the tab "Formation".
  • Select either a pre-formation, or select the checkbox "free formation". In the latter case, you can move the positions on the field any mouse (drag & drop).
  • Drag with the mouse the player from the right side. Simply on the respective position in the field or on the bench (drag and drop).
  •  Confirm the installation by clicking on "Save".

You also have the option to select formations from previous games. To do this, simply select the day in the right selection box. The formation will be automatically adapted to your recent game.

If you want to add an external player of your formation, click on the link "more players". In the window that now opens, you can now choose your players from a list. Your team must be linked at least with one other team to have access to this function. How can you combine your team with another team, click here for more information.

How can I wear a jersey number?


Constant jersey numbers can be attached in the players’ module. For further description, please click here.

If you want to attach a jersey number to your single players, proceed as follows:

  • Select the game you want and go to the detail view.
  • Switch to the detail view to the tab "Formation".
  • With a double click on the player a dialog box opens , in which you can enter the number of your jersey.

Note: To assign jersey numbers, players must have been moved from the left column in the establishment or on the bench. If you have not yet done so, please first complete the starting lineup and the bench players before distributing the numbers.

How can I create and adapt the formation of the opposing team?


If you want to edit the formation of the opponent, proceed as follows:

  • Select the desired opponent in the module "Games".
  • In the detailed view you will find the tab for the home and visiting formation. This allows you to record different opposing formations.
  • In this view, you can view and adapt your opponents formation

For the preparation of the opponent you need the opposing players. Learn how to create them by clicking here.

Where do I enter changes of my formation of my players?


When you enter your formation changes, proceed as follows:

  • Select the game where you want to open the detail view.
  • Switch to the detail view to the tab "formation table".
  • Click on the desired player in the given table. Starting players are light blue and/or white, bench players are green and selected players are marked blue.
  • Below the list, select the minute of the input or replacement and the corresponding output or substitute from and confirm with "Save".
  • In the green/red arrow in the column in the table you can mark replacements and inputs.

Of course, you can also reset all changes. To do this, simply click ‚delete change` in the given table and confirm all changes.

Where do I enter templates, warnings and notes of the players?


Easy2Coach Interactive has created numerous statistics from the information given about the players in each game. Therefore, enter the most accurate ratings for each player, such as Substitutions, warnings or evaluations as possible. If you want to enter your reviews, proceed as follows:

  • Select the game you want.
  • Switch from the detail view to the tab "Players".
  • Click (in the table) on the desired player. Selected players will be displayed blue.
  • Choose the minute in which the player has received its warning. You can choose the three following colors as warning; Yellow Card, Yellow-Red Card, Red Card.
  • Enter the number of assists in the column templates.
  • Enter the evaluation of your player, ranging from 1-10, in the column.
  • You can also leave a comment to each of your players.
  • Confirm your entries with "Save".

All data that you have saved can be changed at anytime later. To do this, simply click on the ‚player‘-button, choose the right player in the right table and change the given data. Never forget top save all your changes.

How can I animate tactics for a game?


With Easy2Coach you have the ability to animate tactics for a game and use it for your match preparations. These tactics can be easily drawn with the easy2coach animations-tool. The drawing of tactics is similar to the drawing of animated exercises. For more information about animation tool, see "Easy2Coach Motion." Once you’ve created an animation and saved, it will appear in the tab "tactics".

To create a new tactic, click the ‘Create a new tactic’ in the tab ‘tactics’ button.

If you want to edit existing tactics, proceed as follows:

  •  Select the game you want to change and click on the "tactics".
  • If more than a tactic exists to a game, select the appropriate tactic by clicking on the links below the animation figures.
  • Under the animation you will see three buttons that allow you to create a new variant of the chosen tactic or edit the existing one.
  • Save your edit below by clicking on the "Save" button.

Which information does the opponents list contain?


With the button opponents the opposing teams and the opposing players are managed.

  • In the opponent table all opponents are listed.
  • Point Cup and Test match opponents can be distinguished based on the set tick in the check boxes. Of course you can always classify the opponent by (de) selecting the check boxes new and choosing out of several opponent groups.
  • In the left navigation bar, you can select the desired opponent and get more details about him. To simplify the overview of the tables, all teams will be divided into different group regarding point games, cup games and friendlies.

How do I create a new point, cup or friendly match with opponents?


To create an opposing team, proceed as follows:

  • Click on the top navigation bar "and team exercises".
  • Click on the left navigation bar, then click "Games" and open the category "opponents".
  • Click "New Rivals" and enter at least the name of the team in the data column. All further information can be added later.
  • Set point game, cup game and / or test match, opponents type by selecting the corresponding check box.
  • By clicking on the plus sign a box will appear for another team. Thus, you can create multiple opponents at one time. Click on the red X icon to delete the fields again.
  •  Put the team into action by clicking on "Save".  

Note: If a team e.g. was recorded for a friendly game against your team, the check marks for the kind of "test game" cannot be removed.

How can I delete a point, cup or friendly match opponent?


To delete an opposing team, proceed as follows: 

  • Choose the desired team in the left navigation bar from the ‘game’-module (1).
  • Click the delete button in the opponents’ detailed profile on the right side of your screen (2).
  • Confirm the deletion by clicking ‘yes’.

Note: If a team is registered for a game, you cannot delete it. Before being able to delete this team, you need to first delete all games in which the team participates.

How do I edit a new point, cup or friendly match opponent?


To change or to add data from an opposing team, select in the left navigation bar the matching opponents point, cup or friendly match. The detailed overview of the opponents data will open automatically.

How can I collect the general data of an opposing team?


To adapt or collect the general data of an opposing team, proceed as follows:

  • Select the desired team in the left navigation bar. If the selected team is categorized either on the point, cup or friendly matches’ category, then you will also find them in multiple categories.
  • You can now change the given data on the right side as you wish.
  • Confirm your changes by clicking on the ‘save’-button.

How can I create or edit the opposing squad?


To add the opposing team players, proceed as follows:

  • Select the desired team in the left navigation bar.
  • On the right side, the column ‘squad’ will appear.
  • Click ‘add players’ in the ‘squad’-module.
  • You can now add all relevant data referring your opponent’s team.
  • Add as many opposing team players as you want to one team.
  • The added players can be seen in the ‘Players/Coaches’-box. To change the data, click on the players’ whose data you want to change.
  • Save your changes by clicking the ‘save’-button.
  • By clicking the ‘delete’-button, you automatically delete the player from the team list.

Can I comment on my opponents data?


Via the comment function ‘Comment on opponent’, you can add comments and further information about the opposing team. You can add a text or information by simply writing your comments in the description field and by saving your changes.

You can furthermore add comments on single players, by clicking on the ‘others’-button on the ‘players/coaches’-module.

How can I set-up and edit the home or guest formation of the opposing teams in the easy2coach system?


By clicking on the slide ‘Squad formation – Home’ or ‘Squad formation – Guest’ you can additionally add your opposing teams formation for each game.

Select the desired team in the left navigation bar. If the selected team is categorized either on the point, cup or friendly matches’ category, then you will also find them in multiple categories. We advise you to create each formation for each game to each point, cup or friendly match. This ensures you the possibility to add and create different formations for each match type. 

  • Select ‘Squad formation – Home’ or ‘Squad formation – Guest’.
  • You can either choose preassembled formation or you may choose ‘free formation’ in the check-box. ‘Free formation’ allow you to form your personal formation via drag & drop on the displayed football field.
  • Simply drag each player and drop the player on the position where you want him to play on the displayed football field or as you wish as well on the bench.
  • Confirm your formation by clicking the ‘save’-button.

To set-up your opponents’ formation, you first need to add the opponents’ players to the easy2coach system.

Can I print out my game data in an organized manner?


To print the game data, proceed as follows:

  • Select the desired match day in the left navigation bar.
  • Select the ‘print’ button beneath the comments box/message board.
  • Select the desired type of print-out in the dialog box and confirm the process by clicking again on the ‘print ‘button.

Are there any existing templates for point, cup or friendly matches?


With easy2coach you have access to several existing templates for each of your games. These templates help you to include all necessary information and data, while you are on the football field. You cannot only add reportable events during the match, but also changes of your formation or players, grades or goals, which you can use to create your personal statistics with easy2coach.

  • Select the desired match in the left navigation bar, to proceed to the detailed view.
  • Select the ‘Formation-template’-button in the detailed view and the print selection screen will appear.
  • After you have confirmed the print-out by clicking the ‘ok’-button, the chosen template will be shown in the background.

User tip: In the left navigation bar we have gathered several free templates for matches and your team training.