What does the new message module offer?


The message module in easy2coach offers you the opportunity to improve your entire team communication. You just need to invite all your team members (Player, Assistant coaches, parents, manager and fans) in order to share message, data or general information with them. The best thing about the message module is that it is completely free of charge.

Where can I find the message module?


You can find the message module in the left module after login and in the top header.

How can I send and receive messages?


You can see on the starting page already if you have new messages in your inbox (shown by a number count for new messages). By clicking the number of new messages (1) a pop-up appears (2) which gives you a quick overview over the last 5 messages that you have received.

  • Unread messages are shown with a colored background (3) whereas read messages are shown with plain white background color.
  • In order to see all messages in your inbox you can click the link „Show all messages“ (4) which will forward you into your message inbox.

How can I delete a message?


In order to delete a message you should do the following steps:

  • Just select those messages which you would like to delete by selecting the corresponding checkboxes (1) on the left next to a message in your inbox or outbox.
  • If you would like to delete all your messages, you can do so by just selecting the checkbox “Select all messages” (2) at the very end in the inbox and outbox.
  • Afterwards, you just need to click the „Delete“ (3) button and just confirm your action in the upcoming notification window.

How can I access my sent messages?


If you would like to access a message which you have sent to a person or group of persons just do the following steps:

  • Just select the module „Messages“ which will open your message inbox (1).
  • Just select the tab „Sent“ (2) at the top of your page.
  • The tab „Sent“ is now shown as the selected tab and all sent messages will be shown in chronological order.

How do I compose a new message?


If you want to send a new message to team members or people via email, you just need to do the following steps:

  • Just select the module „Messages“ which will open your message inbox (1).
  • Afterwards, you need to click the button „New message“ (2) at the top right of your window.
  • A new page for composing your message will open up. You just need to enter the recipient’s name (3) or email address (4). If you want to learn more about how to search for recipients please click here. Furthermore, you should enter a subject (5) and the message itself in last text field (6).
  • You can send your message by clicking the „Send““ button (7).

How do I search for recipients?


You have two options to send a message. You can send your message to your team members in easy2coach who have an own user account in easy2coach (Option I) or by entering a user ‘s email address if the user is not a member in easy2coach yet (Option II). Of course, you can always combine both options as well.

Option I (Search function for easy2coach members):

  • Just enter the first characters of a recipient’s name (this can be the name of a person or a team in easy2coach) (1). If too many hits are shown you should enter more characters in the search field.
  • Ones the correct recipient is listed you can just click the person’s name or the club’s name in the search output (2). It is also possible to send a message just to close group of people (e.g. only Coaches in Team XY, only Players in Team XY etc.) if you want to do this just click the team icon team icon next to a club’s name in the search result. A drop down list opens up which shows you how many recipients exist for each group. Just select your group of recipients and the group is added to your list of recipients.

Option II (message by email):

  • Just click the hyperlink „and as email to“ which is shown below the recipient data entry field (1).
  • You can now enter the list of recipients by email (2).
  • Of course, you can enter as many email addresses as you like here.

You can send your message in the end by clicking the „Send“ (3) button.