What can be administrated under the section training days?

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In this section you are able to administrate all training units including all personal training activities for your team. You can add freely several different training activities to the specified training sections. Additionally, all added training days will be automatically shown to all members of your team in the team calendar. Furthermore, you can caputre freely and easily the performance as well as the attending behaviors of each of your team members throughout the entire saison.

Wo finde ich die Trainingstage?

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You can reach the ‘training days’ section by simply:

  • Clicking the upper navigation bar on ‘Team and exercises’
  • Clicking into the left corner of the navigation bar on ‘training days’

What does the overview of the training days offer me?

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By clicking the button ‘Overview’ on the navigation bar, you will see a tabular view of your previous created training units. Besides the actual date, the weekday, the training timings and the place of the training unit, the priorities, type as well as the intensity of the training will be shown.

  • In the overview, you are able to create and work on the single training units.
  • Also, you are able to delete single training units.

Which kind of training statistics can I access for my team?

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By clicking the button ‘Statistics’ in the training days-module, you will find the entire recorded aggregation of statistics of your team. You will have access to all information regarding attendance behavior of your players, training data and training records at one glimpse. Additionally, easy2coach offers you easy exporting and printing of these data at any time.

Where can I find the attendance statistics?

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On the first slide in the statistics section you will find the current attendance behavior of your team. In the section ‘training statistics’ you have the additional possibility to add the time frame, on which you would like to focus. Furthermore, you will find a matching legend, helping you to understand the abbreviations in the table. Based on the current date, you will be able to control and to create the percentaged attendance of your team members of previous training days, by simple using the horizontal sliding rail. In the last line, under each training collumn, you will see the attendance behavior of your entire team squad. In the furthermost right collumn, you will be able to see the attendance behavior of the specific team member in the specific time frame, that you have picked.

Can I export or/and print out the attendance statistics?

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Underneath the training statistics you will find the button ‘print’ and ‘export’, as well as the option to add former team members/ sample player to the statistic. By clicking on the ‘export’ button you can export the current statistic into Microsoft Excel, where it will be shown as a easy readable table (Format: .csv).

To print out one of your statistics, just click on the button ‘print’ and choose the statistic you want to print out in the dialog box. After the reconfirmation by clicking ‘print’ in the dialog box, the window with the print preview of your choosen statistic as well as the characteristic box will be automatically opened.

Which training data can I additionally access besides the training statistics?

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To access the training data of your team members, please go to the second slide in the training statistics. In the tabular overview you will easily see the attendance statistic of each member, as well as the number of authorized absence, delays and accordingly the number of injures as well as the average shape of each player in each training unit.  In the further collumns, you will see in how many different training units (e.g. strenght, cardio or special training) the player has participated. This will offer you the opportunity to get a quick overview of each players shape, training behaviors and possible weaknesses in cardio or for example tactics, which can be easily controlled due to these statistics.  Each training type can be individually adapted by each coach by simply adjusting the team-modulation.

  • Excuses: Training days and authorized absent team members are listed here.
  • Delays: Training days and delayed team members are listed here.
  • Injuries: Training days and injured team members are listed here.

In order to print this content, just click on the button ‘print’ and choose the statistic you want to print out in the dialog box. After the reconfirmation by clicking ‘print’ in the dialog box, the window with the print preview of your choosen statistic as well as the characteristic box will be automatically opened.

Is the sofware able to automatically generate the training records of my team?

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In the ‘records’ section several records regarding training units will be presented. This gives you a short overview which of your player has participated in the most training units or who has the average best performance throughout the choosen training days. In addition you will find several other records and possibilities to work on with this tool. To print out your records statistic, just click on the ‘print’ button.

How can I attach new training units to the program?

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To add a new training day, just click the ‘training day’ button on the left navigation bar, here you will be offered the possibility to add a new training day by clicking the button ‘new training’, easy to recognize by the Plus-sign. A new entry box will be automatically opened on the right side of your screen, where you can create a new training day.

In the following you will have two different possibilities to create a new training day. You can either directly create several new training days regarding a certain time period (e.g. entire first half of the saison, each monday at 17 pm), or you decide to create single training days on different days that you choose to cover all recent activities.

How can I attach multiple training units belonging to one period?

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If your training units are steady in time and weekday over a certain time period, easy2coach offers you an easy tool to create matching time schedules in only a few clicks:

  • Click the ‘plus-symbole’ on the left nagivation bar to create a new training day
  • Choose option #1 ‘Create a series of training days’
  • In the area below you will find the section where you can enter all necessary data to create your training day series
  • Please specify time, place and the weekday etc. of your training day series
  • Following please click on the ‘Save’-Button to create your training day series

How can I attach a single training unit?

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You can – naturally – create an unlimited amount of training days and units without using the ‘series’-function of easy2coach.

  • Click the ‘plus-symbole’ on the left navigation bar to create a new training day
  • Choose option ’2 ‘Create single training day’
  • Please enter all neseccary data like time and date to the training days information
  • If required modify the data, e.g. the intencity of the training or the training type freely. Preset will be always the modification ’normal’.
  • The adding of each further training day can be made by a simple click on the ‘add more training days’ button, displayed by a green plus-symbole
  • Following please click on the ‘save’-Button to create your training day

How does the adaption of a single training unit work?

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To adapt a training unit, please do as follows:

  • Please choose the to be adapted training unit on the left navigation bar
  • Please change the given data on the right side of your screen
  • Please click the ‘save’-Button to save the changes you have made

If you wish to change the data of a training unit, it is highly relevant which data you want to adapt. If you want to change basic data like presence or absence of your team members or comments and notes, then please proceed as given above. Please note: All changes or adaptions have to be saved by clicking the ‘save’-button. Otherwise the changes will not be assumed.

If you instead choose to adapt your training unit with additional exercices and training groups, then please click on the second slide ‘training/exercices’ to do so.

You can also adapt previous training schedules by clicking on the third slide ‘Prevuois training schedules’. In this third slide you are able to search or import former or previous training units into your currently choosen training day. This will help you to work more efficient and time saving while creating new training units.

Can I adapt/ work on several training units at the same time?

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To adjust several information and data of your training days at the same time (e.g. Time or place of your training), proceed as follows:

  • Please choose ‘training days-module’ on the left side, the entry ‘overview’
  • Mark the training units which are supposed to be adapted by ticking the check boxes
  • Please click the button ‘Series of training days’ underneath the table
  • Change the data as you wish
  • Confirm the adaption by clicking the ‘save’-button

Can I delete training units?

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You can delete created training units of your team easily when you are activated as the coach of your team. All other usergroups are not able to delete a training unit. To ease the deletion of your training units, you can either delete single training units or directly delete several training units with one single click. In the following section both alternatives will be explained.

How can I delete single training units?

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  • Please choose the to be deleted training on the left navigation bar
  • Confirm the deletion by clicking on the ‘delete’-Button underneath the training data
  • Confirm the deletion with ticking ‘yes’ in the pop-up window

How can I delete multiple training units?

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  • Please choose ‘overview’ on the left side of the navigation bar
  • Mark the training units which are supposed to be deleted by ticking the check boxes
  • Please click the button ‘delete’ underneath the table
  • Confirm the deletion with ticking ‘yes’ in the pop-up window

How can I record my training days well structured? (See 1st Slide)

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The training days-module offers you due to its well-structured file-composition ideal requirements to organize your training clearly and structured. After you have created one or more training days, you will open these by using the left navigation bar. Accordingly you will be able to see all important data regarding your choosen training days on the right side of your screen. You are now able to create and to adapt all basic informations, absence and presence of your team members, training units and several different training excercices out of our excercice database and of course you have access to all important further information and the entire range of exporting and printing possibilities.

In the following chapters we will present to you the numerous options and benefits of easy2coach in detail, while panning your training days.

Which general training data can be recorded?

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After you have opned a training day by using the left navigation bar, you will be able to work on the given data of the training day on the right side of your screen. On the first slide you can inter alia administrate the basic data regarding your training days. In the In the upper area of the page you will see the date of your training day, the place, the time and the intensity. Beneath this, you can quote the absence or presence of your team members, evaluate the unit, comment and have a look at or/and change the bulletin board comments. The following chapters will descripe these procedures in detail.

How can I record the presence/absence of my team members?

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Within a newly created training unit all participating team members will be automatically added to the attendance list (Exception: long term absence team members or long term injured team members, who have been marked as absend in the previous training unit).

Presence and absence will be only considered for the evaluation of the statistics when you have at least worked on and saved the data once:

  • Please choose the training on the leftside of the navigation bar.
  • On the right side you can delete certain team members out of the attendance list by ticking the check boxes on the right.
  • By using the ipward directed arrows you can remark absent members as prescent.
  • Choose a exculpation or an injury for the absent members (StandardWählen Sie einen Entschuldigungsgrund für die Abwesenheit oder eine Verletzung für die abwesenden Spieler aus (standardmäßig wird ein Spieler als entschuldigt vermerkt).

Can I add sample players from external teams to my training days?

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Within the easy2coach program you can add sample player from external teams (we will give you a detailed description how to add external players) or other teams which are linked with your team (we will give you a detailed description how to link with another team) easily. 

Please note that external sample players and players from linked teams can only be added to your training days temporarily. You can easily add these kind of players as following:

  • By clicking on the button ‘Add external/sample player’ a Pop-Up Window occurs on your screen. Please choose the player from out of the givin list on your screen and confirm by clicking the ‘add’ button. If you have expected to the player to exercise with your team earlier, please add him beforehand to the list ‘external players’. To add the player to this list, please click ‘external player’ on the left navigation bar. For help; please click here

How can I evaluate and record the training participation?

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To evaluate the training participation and current developments among your team members (using the training statistics) easily, we recomment to evaluate each of your players after every training unit.

  • Please choose the training unit where you want to evaluate in the navigation bar
  • On the right side of your screen you will see a list with all participating players and the collumn ‘grade’
  • You can now evaluate each of the players in the list
  • Save all evaluation by clicking on the ‘save’ button

Who can read and write comments on the training days?

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Easy2coach offers you the possibility to activate an extra comments collumn to each training unit. In the section ‘comments’ you can add all secondary information and data for your training day. To save you comment simply click on the ‘save’ button. Additionally, all comments can be changed and deleted at any time.

The visibility of each comment can be adjusted individually for team members. In the following you will learn how to adjust the visibility.

In which ways can the bulletin board support my training days?

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The bulletin board offers coaches, players but also managers and fans the possibilty to comment and communicate with the coach and/or the team members. On the first slide, team members have the possibilities to post status messages regarding the training day. This function is especially reasonable regarding short notices and communication within one training unit (e.g. short notices on neccessary training materials). All messages and comments on the bulletin board are posted directly on the start page. 

Which benefits is offering me the planning of my training days with easy2coach? (See 2nd Slide)

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To create a complete and clear overview of a training day, including graphics, different exercise groups and units and to print out this in a handy way is a complicated and tedious procedure for each coach and team.

Easy2Coach offers you a easy ways to organize your training days with not only less complexity but more important highly professional and efficient. With easy2coach you will be able to print out well structured and perfectly organized professional training plans within less effort. In addition, teammembers and other team coaches have access to these plans.

To complete the creation work of your training days, easy2coach offers you a perfect printout version of each of your plans, to come in action on the field.

How can I create my own training schedule?

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After you have saved your first training day or, as you can the on the upper part of your screen 1, have clicked the link to create your training day, your training plan and exercices will be shown on the second slide (Screen2).

In the shown training plan you will be shown a complete training unit with all of your players. How you can adapt the list of your player will be explained as follows.

The creation of the elaborated training plan is playfully easy solved with easy2coach. Join us and try it yourself!

In the following chapters we will teach you how you can adapt and create new and further parts of your training plan, how you can devide your team into groups and how you can add training units to each of your training plans.

How can I add exercises to my training schedule?

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How to use public or private training units for your own training days out of the easy2coach database, you will see in detail as follows:

  • Choose the preffered training unit on the left navigation bar
  • Click right onto the upper slide ‘training plan/Training units’
  • You can now choose out of the possibility to choose a training unit out of the easy2coach database or create a new personalized training unit.

Training units out of the database include all private training units but as well all public training units. Just try and check out the possibility to add a training unit to your training plan out of the easy2coach database.

  • Adding a training unit out of the easy2ciach database is easily done by simply clicking onto the button ‘TAdd training unit to training da

  • Underneath the training plan the training unit-searcher will now open directly. Additional assistance in searching a training unit out of the database will be given in the chapter ‘Search training unit’.

  • After you have seleted a training unit, a automatic pop-up window will occur on your screen. In this pop-up ypu must at least add a training group and a training part as well as a training goal to complete the selection of the training unit. We advice you to also include information regarding the ideal training lenght, intencity etc. in the pop-up window, to ensure a long-term and efficient evaluation of your training periods. All changes will only refer to the given training unit, all other modification will persit as standard.

  • A previous choosen training unit will be displayed with a tick in the box and the corresponding name of the training group and training part.

  • Sie können eine Übung natürlich beliebig vielen Trainingsgruppen zuordnen. Sobald der Trainingstag bzw. die Trainingseinheit komplett ist, klicken Sie auf “Speichern”.

  • If you wish to change your saved training units, please open the working notion of the training day. Here you can change freely all training units and shift them up or down by using the arrow-icons. To delete a training unit out of your plan, simply click the red ‘X’-Symbole.

A ‘free training unit’ will be only added, in contrast to a training unit out of the easy2coach database, to the choosen training unit and not to the easy2coach database.

Simply click onto the button ‘add free training unit’. A pop-up window will open up rught after you have done this. In this please note the detaisl regarding the training unit and add the training unit by clicking onto the button ‘Add’. Now you have successfully added a free training unit without adding it to the easy2coach database.

How can I create and work on my training groups?

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In order to create or work on a training group, please proceed as follows:

  • Please choose the selected training unit in the left navigation bar and click on the right upper slide ‘training plan/ training unit’
  • Click now on the upper right onto ‘training groups/ training parts’
  • A pop-up window will open automatically. In this window you will be able to allocate the different team player to groups. You can create up to 5 different training groups. Additionally you can add pausing players to the collumn ‘pause’. Of course all pausing players will be marked as present as the other players.
  • Please save your training group by clicking the save button.
  • After you have created the training groups, you can now beginn to allocate the training units.

The additional guidelines, how to allocate the groups and the training units will be explained in the following chapters.

Why should I create my training groups?

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Even though a training unit often beginns with a collective warming-up of all team player, a division into training groups is commonly followed.

Goalkeeper train with other goalkeeper, one part of the team is trained on the offensive while other train the header. To capture this characteristic group divisions, easy2coach is offering you a arather simply but efficient approach on how to organzie this divisions.

How can I create and work on training sections?

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With easy2coach it is easy to create or work on selected training sections:

  • Choose the selected training unit on the left navigation bar
  • Click right onto the upper slide ‘training plan/ training units’
  • Click onto ‘adapt training group’ and a pop-up window will occurKlicken Sie auf
  • Click the arrow ‘Add further training section’ to add a further training section
  • By using the given arrows you can move your training section up and down
  • Click on the ‘X’-symbole to delete a slected part

Why should I create and work on new training sections to my training days?

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A training unit is frequently divided into three different training tasks; the warming up, main section and the closing off. In each of the different sections a varying amount of training exercises are carried out, unfortunately each time players miss or skip your training unit. To offer you a ideal degree for you to create realistic and efficient training days, we have developed a tool which will help you to integrate your own training units and adaptations into the planning.

How can I use previous training schedules for my upcoming training days? (See 3rd Slide)

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To offer you the posibility to use previous training units for future training days, we have created for you the function ‘previous training schedules’ in the third slide in the training days section.

In order to use training units from previous training days please click on the slide ‘previous training units’. Please select the training schedule that you would like to use for your next training and click on ”adopt training schedule’. Please confirm the selection by clicking ‘yes’ on the emerging pop-up window. The selected previous training schedule, including all exercices, will be now displayed in the 2nd Slide ‘Training schedule / exercices’.

Please note: Please watch if the current training schedule is including the same amount of training units and training groups as the selected previous training schedule. If the selected training schedule differs from the current training schedule, then both training schedules are not kompatible. If this happens, then you are able to easily to adapt the training unit and repeat the action.

Can I print my training days clearly arranged?

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With easy2coach it is easy and quick to print out all training schedules in all different formates, just as you need them. We focus especially on the quality and adaptability of each print out. Simply, click on the print out button on your screen and choose in the emerging pop-up window the desired exposure of your training scedule. After confiming your print out data, you will see how your training schedule will look like on paper in the print preview window.

We have enclosed  a few exemplary print outs of possible training schedules, which you can easily download as a free frame on easy2coach and also use as a format to print out your schedules.