No. 2: Exercises and training plans

Dear football friend

after the quick introduction yesterday we will show you today how you can improve your daily training procedures in the short and long term.


Do you want to create professional training planswithin seconds? Do you want to create your own training exercises or to choose from over 300 public exercises? Do you want to print optimised training plans in perfect quality for you next session?
training plans training exercises optimised printouts

In less than 2min you will learn how to use the the training module in easy2coach interactive efficiently and how to take your training to the next level.

More information about the training day module is available in our help section Go to our help section

More information about the exercise and animation tool in our help section Go to our help section

Do you just want to start with this one-of-a-kind team manager?

Just log in at with your chosen e-mail address and password. Take advantage of all easy2coach interactive features today. You can directly login using the box at the top right corner oft his page.

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