No. 3: The match day module

Dear football friend

yesterday you learned very handy points to improve your daily training work. Today, you get an impression on how to optimise your match preperations and mach day analysis with easy2coach interactive.

Do you always want to plan your match days within seconds but still very painstakingly?? Do you want to visualise your line-ups and have them ready to print? Do you want to keep track of every match and evaluate the peformance of each player?
match preparation team line-ups match evaluation

In less than 2min you will learn the most important features for a perfect match analysis in easy2coach interactive and how to be one step ahead of your opponents.

The match day module

First steps – for a perfect start

More information about the match day module is available in our help section Go to our help section

Do you want to plan and prepare your next matches immediately?

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