No. 4: Invite new members

Dear football friend

so far you have received very helpful hints about the features in easy2coach interactive already but your daily work will only become really efficient if you start inviting your players and assistant coaches into your team now.

Do you want to plan the next training day together with your assistant coach and to organise your entire season perfectly ? Do you want players to sign in and out for training days and matches online ? Are you looking for a perfect team communication platform?
training session team members team communication

In less than 2min we will show you how to invite team members into your team and which unimagined advantages easy2coach interactive has to offer.

More information about the team communication in easy2coach interactive is available in our help section Go to our help section

Are you convinced to manage your team with easy2coach interactive?

Just log in at with your chosen e-mail address and password. Take advantage of all easy2coach interactive features today. You can directly login using the box at the top right corner of this page.

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