No. 5: Analysis and statistics

Dear football friend

in our last tutorial mailing for easy2coach interactive we would like to show you some extensive features that easy2coach offers to analyse the entire development of your team.

Have you ever wished for automatically generated performance analysis of your players? Do you still evaluate your players after each practice and game with paper and pen? Do you want to access training or match records within seconds and do you want to present them directly to your team?
player performance player evaluation match records

In less than 2min we can provide answers to those questions. Let us proof to you that easy2coach interactive is also the best solution for you and your team.ü

More information about the statistic features to analyse your team is available in our help section Go to our help section

Do you want to learn more about the different advantages for your team?

Just log in at with your chosen e-mail address and password. Take advantage of all easy2coach interactive features today. You can directly login using the box at the top right corner of this page.

Basic – membership: free of charge with limited features – Here you can find an overview with the different memberships Go to our different memberships
Gold-membership Premium-membership

If you are a perfectionist and you do not want to miss out on any feature of the Tactics and Silver membership, easy2coach Gold should be your first choice.

from 7,95€ prices per month
incl. VAT

Show me more information Go to gold membership

Gold-PLUS-membership Gold-PLUS-membership

The perfect solution for all clubs that want to manage more than 3 teams in easy2coach interactive.

Show me more information Go to gold PLUS membership

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