What do I find in settings?


In settings you can adapt Easy2Coach to your specific needs, import data and manage rights of the team members.

Where do I find the settings?


Here is how to find the settings:

  • Click on the “Team and Sessions” link on the upper navigation bar.
  • Click on the “Settings” tab in the navigation bar to the left of the screen.

Administrating rights


On the “Rights” tab you will have the possibility to assign more rights to the individual member roles, and you can also take them away.

  • Once you have selected “Settings” from the navigation bar on the left you must also click on the “Rights” tab on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Here you will find a list with different functions, divided between different roles of players, representatives and fans.
  • Activating the corresponding verification box, you will be assigned some additional rights that all team members with the corresponding role will enjoy.
  • Confirm your selection of rights by clicking on “Save” under the selection.

Settings – Adapt Easy2Coach


In the “Settings” tab you will have the possibility to adapt Easy2Coach Interactive for many types of activities depending on your needs. This will allow you to create entry fields, categories, types of injuries, etc. according to your teams needs.

To do this please read the following:

  • Once you have selected “Settings” from the navigation bar on the left, make sure you also click on “Settings” from the tab on the right.
  • If you would like, for example, to create a new entry field for a player, just enter the word of your choice in the “Text field name”.
  • After clicking on “Save” you will find the category you have recently created under “Players”
  • The text fields you generate will be listed in the corresponding zone and can also be deleted.

Warning: For more information on how to generate own goal types please click here.

Managing goal types


In the “Types of goals” tab you will find a list of the goal types that you can use in Game days, Cup games and Friendly games to describe the goals scored. Here you can delete the existing goals and add new types of goals. The types of goals registered will be used directly to generate goal statistics.



If you have more than one team within your club, e.g. first team, second team, junior A, it is recommended to link these teams to each other. This will allow you to add players from one team (eg Junior-A) as external players for training units of another team (eg first team) or even for game days. This will allow you to broaden the statistics with the data from other teams, so you can obtain your players development level even as they play for different teams.

To link a team please do the following:

  • Once you have selected the “Settings” tab from the navigation bar on the left, click on the “Links” tab you will find on the right.
  • Enter your team name in the first place (eventually the proper name of the team). With each letter you introduce, the search field will indicate a list of all the teams on Easy2Coach Interactive.
  • Then just choose the corresponding club, e.g Junior-A, second team, etc.
  • Then click on “Send application”.

If you are the main person in charge of the team you wish to link, this will be done automatically. Otherwise the other team managers will recieve an email with the application that he or she will have to confirm.

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