Starting Page


What can I find on the home page (overview)?


After logging in, you reach your easy2coach interactive starting page that presents all the information processed about your team. Here you have an overview of the latest news, new and modified exercises as well as any updates in your team. Likewise, you see the final results and upcoming events of your team.

On the left side under your profile photo, you will find the following areas: team news, team members, and my team and exercises.

Click on an area to move to the desired module.

How can I change the start area between my team?


In the top row, you can select your team selection. If you are logged into multiple teams, or linked with several teams, you can restrict the display of news on the selected teams. In this way it is possible to allow only relevant news for the selected team(s).

To set the team selection, proceed as follows:

  • Click the “Settings” icon top right to open the filtration function.
  • Select by clicking on the desired team(s) from the list.
  • Confirm the selection by moving the cursor outside the selection area.
  • The selected teams can now be found in the top overview.
  • If you select multiple teams it just appears the name of the first team from the list followed by the number of other teams. In other words: “Team XY and 3 other teams.”

How can I add new events, training days, games, tournaments and exercises directly on the starting page?


Below the team selection you will find various icons to create new appointments. If you move your mouse over the icons brings a tooltip shows up that explains the symbols on each button. Depending on the role privileges in your team, general events, training days, games, tournaments or exercises can be created.

In order to create a new entry, proceed as follows:

  • Click on the desired button to create a new appointment, training day, game, tournament or training day (if you have selected more than one team on your starting page, you just need to define in a first place in which team you want to create the new entry)
  • Enter the details of the entry.
  • Click on “Save” and the entry is created.
  • On the starting page this new record is shown in the news column including detailed information.

Likewise, you can also go directly from the starting page into the exercise search. You just need to click the last button called “search exercise”.

If you want to learn more about the exercise search just click here.

How can I share a new status or new information in my team?


In the line above the news, it is possible to enter a new status on the starting page. You can post any message here and then restrict which team roles in which teams can view the message.

For example, if you are player in “Team A” and you are a coach of a “youth team B” in easy2coach, you may want to share some information only with players of “Team A”. In this case, you could restrict your status update to users with role “player” in the team “Team A”. Users with the role “player” in “Team A” would see your new status update on their own starting page now and could comment on this entry again. Of course, this function is also ideally suited for coaches to share important information to fellow coaches, parents or players.

What kind of team news can I see on the starting page?


On the starting page in the centered column, you have a comprehensive overview of all activities in your team, status updates of your team members and latest news throughout the entire easy2coach community.

These activities include happenings in the training day module, match module, exercise module, tournament module, squad module, opponents’ module, calendar module, and news of easy2coach, news on a team member’s message board, news in the public and team forum as well as status updates from users.

Hence you can follow now all relevant news and changes in your team from your personal starting page.

All news feeds have their own icon and detailed information to the event. In addition, the latest exercises will be shown with graphics, videos or animations in miniature and you can open them in a popup directly on the starting page. In case of a very long text about an event only the first lines are displayed on the starting page. In order to view the full text, just click the hyperlink below an event “more”.

Every news feed shows the date and time when the event was created or modified.

In order to get to an events in detail, simply click on the title of the event.

Can I sort or filter the displayed news?


In order to sort or filter the news just proceed as explained below:

Click on “All news”. The sort function opens up in a drop-down menu in which you can adjust the selection of the displayed news. Choose either all news or select only the news feed(s) relevant to you.

How do I post comments in the news?


Most of the events and activities you can comment directly in the comment box below the news entry. If no comment box exists, commenting is not allowed. If you want to leave a comment just click into the comment box below an event and enter your text. By pressing the enter button, you publish the comment, and all team members who were allowed to see the relevant news in the first place, can now read your comment as well.

How can I highlight news?


With help of the “pinning” function you can pin events and activities at the top of your news. This allows you to emphasize important events for you and your team mates.

What can I find in the section “Last results”?


On the top right side you can find by default a list of recently played games of your team. Under settings in your profile, you can also specify whether you want to display on your starting page the match ups of opposing teams as well. The listing is always based upon the selected teams on your starting page.

What can I find in the section “My next events”?


On the right side below the section “Last results” you will find by default a chronological listing of upcoming dates in your team. These include upcoming training days, matches, events and birthdays. The listing is always based upon the selected teams on your starting page.

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