What can I view on the Table?


On the table section you will find different tables that are generated from the league game scores throughout a season.

Warning: In order to have information from the tables you must previously enter the scores from the league games for that season. For more information please click here.

Where do I find the table?


This is how to get to the table:

  • Click on the “Team and Sessions” tab you will find on the upper navigation bar.
  • Click on “Table” which you will find on the left navigation bar.

The different applications




On the first “Table” tab you will find the general table which has the game situation after the most recent game day. However there are many possibilities that you can use to adapt the table to your individual needs:

  • To view the table for a particular game day, simply select the game day you want to view from the first selection list.
  • To view the table for only home or away games, select the corresponding option from the selection list in the middle.
  • The third list will allow you to organize the table according to points, games played, wins, losses, draws or goal difference.
  • To adopt the options of your choice, just click on “Adapt classification” and the table will be viewed according to your preferences.

Cross Table


Click on the “Cross table” tab and you will go to the actual season’s cross table. The teams on the left column represent the home teams and the teams in the second column represent the visiting teams.

If you look for a particular team’s score, just click on the home team from the left column and move along the line until you are at the column of the opponent you want. Then you will see the score for that game in the cell.

Season progression


In the “Season development” tab you will be able to view the progression of the season for different teams and compare them. In the first place you will view the season progression of your team represented on a graphic display. In the vertical axis Y you will have the locations represented and in the other axis X you will have the game days.

If you want to visualize other teams, simply select your choice from the list to the right of the graph, and click on “View teams.” To select multiple teams at once, click on the teams of your choice, while holding down the CTRL key and select “View teams.” The table below displays the legend, where you can see the color that represents each team.

Game days


In the “Game days” tab you will be able to enter the scores from your league opponents to keep the league standings updated. If you have already created a game day in Game days the first line you can view will automatically display the games your team plays in.

  • Choose the corresponding game day from the list.
  • Using these selection lists, you can create teams for matchups using a different line for each one.
  • Enter the scores in the text field in the middle, separated by a semi-colon.
  • Click on “Save” and the scored will be updated in the standings.

Warning: Whenever a game has been decided on the “green table”, you can also enter a score in the x:0 or 0:x format. In this case the game will be marked as 2:0 or 0:2 with three points to the winner.

Game calendar


In the last “Game calendar” tab you will find different game schedules. In a joint representation you will find the complete game schedule of your team, a game schedule for league games, friendly games and cup games as well as home and away games, and we also include a game schedule that can include or exclude strikers/high performance players.



You will have the option to easily print all information from the “Table” navegation point. To do this just click on the “Print” button towards the bottom of the screen and select the information you wish to print. In the case of game days you can choose between printing a single game day or many of them at once. You must indicate the game day or time period by marking the corresponding point, and chooseing the game days from the list.

Please keep in mind that while choosing the game schedule you would like, you will have to make this selection in both the “Game schedule” as well as then game schedule of your choise in order to print it. It is not possible to exclusively select “Game calendar” to print all the game schedules.

Once you have confirmed your selection with “Print” you will visualize a print preview as well as your printer’s properties.

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